Multi-Housing & Commercial Painting Services

Elliott’s Painting is a three time MADACS award winning company that is happy to provide service to apartment, condominium, and town home complexes throughout Minnesota. Whether you have a multitude of quick turns or just a few each month Elliott’s is there to turn your units over in a timely and professional manner.

Rehab units are becoming more and more popular as multi-housing sites are updating their properties to today’s standards and styles. Elliott’s Painting employees specialize in custom paint jobs and the repair work that comes with new lighting, appliance, and countertop upgrades.

Our painters specialize in repair work from a simple doorknob hole to large holes due to water damage, etc.

Painting or wallpapering your common areas (party rooms, restrooms, fitness rooms, offices, etc) and hallways are a great way to upgrade your property! Elliott’s Painting offers competitive pricing and discounts for hallways and common areas completed over the winter months.

High Volume Turns

In addition to commercial work, common areas, and regular unit turnovers Elliott’s Painting specializes in high volume quick 24 hour turnovers at the end of each month.  All of Elliott’s Painting’s regular clients are guaranteed a spot on the last day of the month for their quick turn units!  Elliott’s Painting takes pride in fulfilling their customers turnover painting needs in a timely manner.  Call us today to book your monthly turnovers!

Remodeling/Rehab Units

Many properties are choosing to update their properties with new appliances, lighting fixtures, woodwork, flooring, and custom color paint jobs.  Remodeled units are a great way to draw in new renters or provide an existing resident the option to upgrade their unit.  Elliott’s Painting specializes in the extensive repair work that sometimes accompanies these upgrades and in the custom color painting that helps make your apartments and town homes a place for your resident to call home.

Accent Walls 

Accent walls provide a way to customize your new or existing resident’s home and provides an incentive for new or renewing leases.  Elliott’s Painting can paint your accent walls as part of your regular turnover paint or for your existing resident as an occupied unit!


Elliott’s Painting is an active member of the Minnesota MHA and The Blue Book.

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